What We Do


Founded in 2020 as schools and restaurants were closing, City of Good united local restaurants and growers to provide fresh, nutritious meals to children in the Boise School District, all while helping to keep culinary workers employed. Taking what was learned in the crisis, City of Good has expanded its focus to include helping food insecure members of our community, supporting local businesses, and promoting a sustainable food system and inclusive economy.

By connecting food producers with those experiencing food insecurity and helping consumers support businesses who want the best for Boise, we make it easy to do the right thing.

Our Programs


Children who are guests of Interfaith Sanctuary receive fuel kits on Friday afternoons. Each box contains six meals prepared by local restaurant partners – Certified Kitchen & Bakery and Roots Zero Waste Market – and is constructed with the palate and nutritional needs of kids in mind. We also provide nourishing, comforting fuel kits to Covid positive guests also staying at Interfaith.


Since November 2021, we have been partnering with local refugee resettlement agencies like the Idaho Office for Refugees to ensure that refugees resettling in Boise receive hearty, locally prepared and culturally familiar meals. Each week, City of Good delivers hundreds of meals to refugees staying in Boise, without kitchens or shared space, until permanent housing is found. We have delivered more than 10,000 meals since the program began.


We have some exciting additions to our programs on the horizon, including:

  • Fuel kits for seniors
  • Fresh produce and shelf stable goods for community school pantries
  • Box of Good – an opportunity for businesses to enjoy delicious food from City of Good restaurants
  • Think Boise First – we are working to revitalize this program and provide more ways to support local businesses

What’s in a Fuel Kit?

Fuel kits contain nutritious meals created by local restaurants, tailored to the recipient. Whether for kids, adults, seniors (coming soon) or people dealing with illness, fuel kits are made with love and a lot of local ingredients. Sample foods include: Pizza making kits, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, sandwich wraps, fruit parfaits, oatmeal, enchiladas, rice bowls, homemade muffins, and more! View our list of partner restaurants and growers here.

These meals have been invaluable to our families. They have also given our social workers a lifeline to some of the most marginalized kids. I just want to make sure you all understand how much these meals mean to our students and families. Like one student said, ‘people really care’.



Last fall, hundreds of refugee families left Afghanistan to resettle in Boise. City of Good, in partnership with the Idaho Office for Refugees and the International Rescue Committee (IRC Boise), answered the call to help provide meals to these children and families. Since October, City of Good has sourced and delivered thousands of warm, ready-to-eat, culturally familiar meals from local Afghan restaurants: Food Land Market, Ishtar, and Kabob House. We have worked through logistical challenges, language barriers, and rising food costs, but knowing these families feel welcome, safe, and fed makes it all worth it.

City of Good partnered with the Idaho Office for Refugees and local Middle Eastern restaurants to provide warm, familiar meals to families in transition who were temporarily living in hotels. These individuals’ lives had been abruptly uprooted, and they now found themselves in an unfamiliar country with new customs, new foods, and for many, a new language. When the challenges seem overwhelming, a shared meal can send the message that you are wanted, you belong, and together we have the strength to face the journey ahead.