Food with a Purpose:

City of Good is the new food provider for the 2022 Idaho Shakespeare Festival season


*Pre-order is not yet open. See details below for more information*


City Peanut nuts – $8

Roots potato chips – $6

Deviled eggs with candied bacon – $14 (pre-order only)

Burratta with salsa verde and chips – $14 (pre-order only)

Smoked trout mousse with pickled onions and crackers – $14

Feta with minted pea relish and crackers – $12


Chorizo and cheddar calzone with marinara dipping sauce – $15 (pre-order only)

Vegetarian calzone with grilled peppers, mushrooms and goat cheese – $14 (pre-order only)

Seasonal market green salad with pickled vegetables and feta cheese with green goddess dressing – $16

Pulled pork sandwich on ciabatta with jalapeño coleslaw – $15

Smoked turkey with dilled Havarti cheese, grain mustard, mayo and mixed market greens – $15

Roasted lamb on ciabatta with goat cheese spread, pickled peppers and mixed market greens – $16


Festival Basket – $28
Assorted cured meats and local cheeses with roasted nuts, fresh baguette, plus mustard with seasonal fruit

Picnic Basket – $32
Assorted cured meats, local cheeses and seasonal fruit with roasted nuts, fresh baguette, plus a green market salad with pickled vegetables and scoop of smoked trout mousse

Vegetarian Picnic Basket – $26
Assortment of local cheeses and seasonal fruit with roasted nuts, pickled vegetables and fresh baguette


Jalapeño coleslaw – $4

Quinoa & black bean salad with seasonal vegetables – $4

Side green salad with pickled vegetables and green goddess dressing – $6

Pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, kale pesto, green olives and roasted walnuts – $6


Double chocolate cookie – $3

Assortment of macarons – $6

Pistachio blondie bar – $6

Clean Slate gluten-free carrot cake cupcake – $6


Local beer and wine selections, coffee, canned local water, and non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

For opening weekend, only on-site orders are available. Why?

Because City of Good is committed to working with local farmers and producers, we are in the process of securing all of our seasonal items. We want to make sure that what you see on the menu is available when you order. For performances on May 20, 21, and 22 patrons will not be able to pre-order.

If you are attending performances after May 24th, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Pre-ordering ensures you have access to our full menu and a shorter wait time when you arrive
  • Pre-ordering closes 5 days before a performance
  • The on-site menu is smaller but still robust and delicious
  • The pre-order menu will go live on May 18th

I love what’s available in May, will that be available in September?

The menu will be similar throughout the season with seasonal changes based on what is growing. For example, tomatoes are not always fresh and available but black beans are.

I used to be able to order the day of, why is pre-ordering closing so early this year?

City of Good is committed to offering the freshest, most local products possible. That means we need to place our orders in time for the lettuce to be picked and the trout to be smoked. We do not do all of our preparation on site so have to allow time for preparation and delivery.