Join Our Monthly Giving Circle

Create a more prosperous future for Boiseans by supporting local farmers, local restaurants, and neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

Members of the Monthly Giving Circle are currently providing over 500 locally-sourced and prepared meals per month to our food-insecure neighbors in Boise.

Our Work

Food Programs

City of Good partners with local restaurants and growers to curate and deliver ready-to-eat meals to neighbors experiencing food insecurity in the Boise community. This could be anything from a Fuel Kit with enough nutrition to last a child or senior all weekend or a hot meal to welcome a refugee to Boise. Since March of 2020, City of Good has distributed over 90,000 nutritious, restaurant-made meals to those who need it. We support those who prepare the meals – like Certified Kitchen & Bakery and Roots Zero Waste Market – by paying living wages and utilizing local food resources. Additionally, City of Good works with local schools and early learning centers to keep school pantries stocked with local produce and culturally-familiar shelf stable goods.


We work to connect restaurants with local growers and food producers. As our programs grow, so too does our commitment to making it easier for local producers to get their food into kitchens across Boise. We work to ensure that all of our restaurant partners are using roughly 30% local food products and that consumers know where their meals are produced.

Volunteer Mobilization

Beyond supporting our own programs, City of Good helps recruit, train, and manage volunteers for nonprofits whose missions support and elevate our own. 

We help create a more prosperous future for all.

Since March of 2020, we have provided nearly 90,000 meals to food insecure individuals, children, and families in our community. We have also provided over 14 tons of local produce and roughly $30,000 worth of culturally familiar shelf-stable goods to food pantries at local schools and early learning centers.

Our Circle of Good

When every step of the process benefits participants, we’re working within a circle of good. From helping restaurants and farms thrive, to supporting our food insecure community in innovative ways, we strive to create mutual benefit at every stage of our program development and execution. We respect, appreciate, recognize, and build relationships with our partners, donors, recipients, volunteers, and staff equally. Meals are not provided out of a sense of pity or a desire for gratitude but with a commitment to supporting a healthy food system and a strong community where all residents have access to good food and those who provide it are paid a living wage.