The Weekend Fuel Kit

Our Weekend Fuel Kits Program is designed to help Boise District Community Schools feed food insecure children every weekend. Partner restaurants are paid to create the meals, helping to ensure that kitchen staff remain employed and economic resiliency exists within their business model. They produce six meals for every kit, and meals are made with no less than 30% of locally-sourced ingredients, helping to ensure our local farmers, ranchers and bakeries are supported.

Your donation of $100 will feed five hungry students this entire weekend. These meals help keep restaurant workers employed and put money in the hands of local farmers and food producers.

We Can Nourish Hungry Children When They Need It Most

Children are most at risk of hunger during the weekend. CoG’s Weekend Fuel Kits provide each child 6 meals per weekend, removing food insecurity with high-quality meals for only $20 each. 

We Source High Quality Food & Support Local Farmers

A minimum of 30% of every child’s meal is made using locally-sourced, highly nutritious, in-season produce from local farms and ranches. All meals include fresh fruit and/or vegetables which, for many kids, is their first chance to enjoy the amazing treat of fresh, local, farm-raised food.

We Put Restaurant Workers Back To Work

City of Good programs pay our restaurant workers a livable wage- something that Idaho’s current minimum wage standards do not support. Our culinary workers are often one step away from needing assistance themselves, and our program helps to ensure they remain employed during the economic crisis.