Volunteer with Us & Do Some Good

City of Good thrives because of our volunteers. We’re always in search of big-hearted, bright humans who want to contribute their time and energy to a good cause. Good people who like to do good things because, well, it feels good. 

Become a City of Good volunteer and see the difference your time can make in the life of a hungry student in the Boise community.


WOW! Our Fuel Kit Friday delivery opportunities filled up fast. Thank you to everyone that jumped in to make sure our kits could be delivered to schools and the kids who need them.

To join our volunteer waitlist please click here. We may reach out if we have a cancellation or need additional support in a pinch. More opportunities to deliver Friday Fuel Kits will open up in October. Make sure you’re on our list so we can reach out at that time. Thank you so much!

Since March 2020, City of Good Volunteers have helped deliver over 50,000 meals to food insecure children in the Boise School District.

(Thank you!)


“I have absolutely loved participating in the City of Good throughout this crazy time! As the communication bridge between the restaurants and schools, I have gained a new respect for chefs and teachers alike. To witness how they have both so gracefully adapted to make sure our kids and families are fed, while supporting our local farms and resources is truly inspiring. I am honored to have been a part of this amazing program from the beginning stages and I can’t wait to see how it will continue to grow.”